Women’ Life Purpose Coach for Empty Nesters and Founder Shifting Gears Purpose Driven Empty Nesters. empowering women to put themselves first so they can live their purpose without fear or guilt holding them back.

It makes me crazy when I think of all the brilliant, empty nesters I’ve met over the years – who like me, had wanted to finally begin  living their passions but were still stuck in their limited programming, making a limited impact and an equally painful limited income. My scientific brain knew this was a puzzle I had to solve – and now I had new tools!

Linda Hampton MSN
Certified EFT / Tapping and Life Coach

I want to take a moment to share my story.

So why am I here?  Well, I took early retirement because frankly the stress on the job was continuing to increase and it was either retire or break down.  So I chose retirement.  But even before I retired I got bitten the entrepreneur bug.  Once bitten you’re never quite the same again.

And Although I had many things I loved to do the devastating aftermath of my only child moving 900 miles away felt too much to bear.

The road to finding my passion took many twists and turns.  But when I finally got here I knew I had found “home.”

My positive, actionable and no-BS personal growth and mindset  resources reach a global community of like-minded women who are running towards their most purposeful, impactful and successful life.

Areas Of Expertise

  • I support women to move through guilt, fear, comparison, imposter syndrome and whatever else is holding them back from their purpose.
  • I create space for women to listen to that gut instinct, follow their curiosity and let it lead them to a purpose-driven, beautiful life.
  • I empower women to challenge themselves, leave their comfort zone and have the self-belief to set and achieve the goals they’ve always dreamed about.
  • I encourage my clients to make time for self-care, set healthy boundaries and create a work/life balance that allows them to thrive

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